Assigning Crew Roles

How to assign crew and crew roles in flightspan

Beginning with 8.7.1, FlightSpan allows you to assign any crew member to either crew position on a given leg. An example of where this may be useful is when a single IP takes multiple PUI’s on a single flight—this can now be done on a single DFR because crew assignments and roles are now set at the leg level. The scheduled flight crew (shown in the DFR header section) is decoupled from the crew on each leg—you can select any of your pilots to any role on each leg.

When you pull down a scheduled flight on the EFB, the scheduled flight crew will autofill the Crew1 and Crew2 columns in the DFR legs section. The same is true for new flights created directly in the EFB—Crew 1 and Crew 2 will fill in all the legs that you create.

The change is that now you can tap on any of those crew assignments and change them to another pilot:

Leg 1 on this DFR now looks like this:

This enhancement also allows for more accurate lateral center of gravity in two crew helicopter operations where the crew swap seats.