FlightSpan Release Notes 9.0.5

FlightSpan 9.0.5 significantly expands the the flight crew’s ability to record logbook items.

Version 9.0.5 also includes a number of other enhancements and bug fixes.


  • Enhanced logbook functionality: please see full documentation here.
    • Full multi-crew funtionality allowing takeoffs, landings, IMC time, Hood Time, Instrument Approaches etc. to be assigned to either crew member on multi-crew flights.
    • Added the ability to record Night takeoffs, landings and flight time
    • Added the ability to specify type of instrument approach flown

A few examples of the new user interface you’ll see if you tap on any of the above columns:

  • More control over the Climb Checklist
    • If you are using the automated climb checklist feature, you now also have the ability to manually show the climb checklist at any time and better monitor its status.
    • On the MAP tab, you’ll see a new Checklist button at lower left (if you have the option turned on in FlightSpan Ops)–tap it at any time to pull up the climb checklist.

The checklist button is color coded to give you feedback on the status of the climb checklist for the active leg. There are four distinct status:

  • Improved ‘Direct Nearest’ Functionality from MAP tab:
    • In prior versions of FlightSpan, if you diverted to a new destination by using the ‘Direct Nearest’ feature from the MAP tab, the new waypoint you selected would replace the destination you previously had for the active leg. You’ll now be given the option to insert the newly selected waypoint into your route, before your current leg’s destination. This is useful for weather diversions where the plan is to wait for weather to improve before proceeding to your original destination.
    • Here’s an example of the prompt screen on a leg where YOL was the original destination and you’ve selected Direct BIM using the Direct Nearest button:

  • Other Enhancements:
    • Runway / Landing Zone Charts now default to the active leg. If you have selected a chart to view that is not for your active leg, if you exit the Arrival or Departure tab, and then return to the tab, FlightSpan will now revert to the appropriate chart for your active leg (and not show you the last chart you were viewing if it was not for the active leg).
    • When a new flight is created, FlightSpan now uses a default aircraft configuration (configured in FlightSpan ops for each aircraft type in your fleet) on the W&B tab instead of re-using the last configuration used.
    • Non Revenue Accounts and Rates: these can now be set at the Company level OR the Aircraft Type level. If you have entries in both places, the Aircraft Type settings will take precedence over the Company level settings.
    • Added cash amount and currency symbols to the Cash/Charge column of the Loads section on the DFR tab for Payment Loads that are synced to the EFB as part of a scheduled flight.
    • For orgs using v2 Manual Flight Watch activation (US based only) the On The Ground button on the Arrival tab will not turn green until verification from the tracker indicating flight watch status has been deactivated is received
    • Improved non-V2 Tracker GPS functionality
    • Improvements to how Actual Takeoff Weight is computed for the ICAO Operational Flight Plan (now accounts for start/taxi fuel burn)
    • Improved validation of DFR load items prior to upload

Bug Fixes:

  • Winds Aloft carried from previous DFR to newly created DFR
  • Rounding issue on ‘weight below limit’ label on W&B tab
  • Distribute cargo allowance properly between different passenger types when creating a single line load item on the DFR that has multiple passenger types and has value in the cargo column
  • Issues with block time not being recorded properly
  • Printed DFR’s being cut off/limited to one page
  • Issue with rounding an aircraft’s Basic Operating Weight when entered in pounds in FlightSpan Ops
  • Issue with wrong printed DFR being associated with a flight record in FlightSpan Ops
  • Height value on ‘white space’ element of runway chart layout now implemented properly
  • Issue with speed reduction (helicopters) not functioning
  • Issue with Actual Time of Arrival being written to the wrong leg if app is exited before On The Ground sequence complete

Build Info: 9.0.5002