Updating Rates

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When updating rates, you should not just edit the existing rate, as it will affect existing payments that were calculated using the previous factor. Instead, you will create a new rate formula with the desired effective date, which will supersede the old formula on that date. This also gives you a historical record of what your rates have been since beginning FlightSpan™ use.

From the Home page click on the Rates icon, or from any page select Rates from the Settings menu.


From the Rate Settings menu select Rate List, then click on the Code for the desired Rate.

From the bottom of the Rate Formulas list, click the green plus button.

Select the desired Effective Date, enter the Factor (be sure to enter a zero before any decimal) and switch the desired factors to Yes, then save.

You will get a warning for any missing formulas.

Repeat the process for any additional formulas needed. The formulas must all have the same Effective Date.

Note: Once the new rate has been used in a Payment, the formula can no longer be deleted.

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