Customer Information

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Customer information such as name, weight, account number, passport number, etc. can be securely stored in FlightSpan™ Ops. Personally Identifiable Information is encrypted and will only be visible to users with appropriate permissions. The saved data can then be used to quickly and easily fill in passenger data on future flights.

Adding Passenger Details

There are four locations where passenger information can be added

  • The public Flight Request form
  • The user Flight Request form
  • From a new Payment
  • From the Schedule Detail of a planned flight.

Public Flight Request Form

When a customer submits a flight request, they can add passenger information for adults, children, and infants using their respective buttons.

They can fill in the details and Update.

The data is submitted along with the flight request, but must be saved by a FlightSpan™ user by checking the “Make this passenger available” checkbox in order to add the passenger to the database.

If the passport number is unique, the passenger will be validated and added to the passenger database. If the passport number is not unique, the attempt to save will be rejected.

User Flight Request Form

When creating the flight request, after clicking Save and Add legs, click the green passenger icon to add passenger details.

Name, weight, and passenger type are the only required details. Because the details were added by a staff member, there is no need for further validation of the data.

Click Save, or click Next to add the next passenger.

Passenger information will be added to the Legs section of the flight request.

New Payment

When creating a new Payment, passenger details can be added using the green Add Passenger icon.

If you create a Payment with multiple passengers, click the Itemize button to add passenger details.

Use the Next button to add the next passenger.

If the Company Custom Setting Force Passenger Itemization On Every Payment Load is enabled, the “Itemize” button will be removed from the payment load form, and loads will be automatically split into loads containing only one passenger.

Schedule Detail

When editing a scheduled flight, passenger details can be added from either the Manifest or Non-Manifest Loads section of the schedule detail.

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