Getting Started

Logging into the Demo Version

Video Version

First, log into the Demo version of FlightSpan™ so that you can follow along on your iPad with the lessons. 

Tap on the Settings icon. 

Select the Server tab, and tap Reset FlightSpan.

Select Yes to erase/reset (don’t worry, you can undo this when you are done with the training) and Yes to accept the license agreement. 

Log in using the company name Demo and the password your company was provided for the Demo version.  

FlightSpan™ Ops will synchronize with FlightSpan™, replacing your company data with Demo data. When sync is complete, tap Done. 

Note: When you have completed all of the lessons, follow the same steps above to log back in to your company’s version of FlightSpan™ using your company name and password.   

Video Version